About us

Our Company

Rushbrooke Investissements S.A. provides discretionary and advisory portfolio management services for trusts, companies and individuals. Safe custody of assets is usually assigned to banks in Switzerland, favoured for their efficiency, premium rating and service.

Thanks to this close relationship, Rushbrooke Investissements S.A. has access to top class research, investment know how and direct links to international dealing desks reinforced by support from a global network of leading stock brokers. We are thus ideally placed to benefit from the latest developments in global financial markets.

Our Location

We are based on the shores of the Lake of Neuchâtel in Western Switzerland. This idyllic setting overlooking the Alps allows easy travel from both Geneva and Zurich by train while the city provides a wide choice of quality accommodation.

Our History

The company was established in 1988 by Michael Rushbrooke, an experienced Southern African stock broker and investment advisor who had developed a close relationship with Swiss financial institutions over nearly two decades.

Kestrel S.A.’s purchase of a majority stake in 1989 cemented a long and stable relationship with their provision of expert estate planning and fiduciary services as well as a state of the art IT platform providing an invaluable complement to existing offerings.

Michael's son, Philip joined the company after completing his university studies in South Africa and has been with the company since 1989. He worked alongside his father for a number of years, receiving his training. In 1999 Philip took over the conduct of the portfolios managed by Rushbrooke Investissements.