Discretionary Management Mandates

We provide discretionary management allowing the establishment of a diversified portfolio of assets tailored to the needs, risk tolerance and expectations of our contracting partners. This arrangement allows for investment decisions to be taken on a pro active basis to optimize returns in today’s fast moving financial markets.

Investment Advisory Services

Advice can also be provided on a non discretionary basis, either in relation to an entire portfolio of assets or to a specific investment. This relationship is extremely flexible to allow focused advice at desired intervals.

Estate Planning and Fiduciary Services

As part of the Kestrel group, we work closely with Kestrel S.A. and their Accounting Legal and Trust and Estate professionals on the formation of appropriate structures using trusts and companies to provide clients with effective solutions for their estate planning and asset protection requirements. The use of such structures would require consideration of legal and tax advice received and is subject to individuals’ circumstances.